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David Rio exhibits at Coffee Fest Anaheim 2016

We will be exhibiting at Coffee Fest Anaheim September 30th - October 2nd at Booth #536. We will be sponsoring the Drink Innovations Lab again, featuring David Rio developed recipe ideas, using our chai and Tea Frost lines. The Drink Innovations Lab was wildly successful for David Rio at Coffee Fest Chicago, Portland, New York, and Dallas, where attendees were very engaged and excited about our fun recipes and educational sessions. Register at the Coffee Fest website for this special class. If you are already attending, please don’t miss the chance to try other David Rio award-winning chai products, including our signature Tiger Spice Chai®, our NEW Cub Chai Super Concentrate with its designed full shrink recyclable label and bottle, and all natural, vegan Power Chai® Matcha! We look forward to seeing our friends and making new ones!

Chai Bar by David Rio Featured In The Press

Chai Bar was featured as one of "San Francisco's Most Intoxicating Gourmet Tea Houses" by the San Francisco local magazine, 7x7, and was also mentioned as one of the “Top 5 Coffee Shops in San Francisco” by the leading celebrity magazine, InStyle! Chai Bar is evolving every day within the San Francisco café scene, and we are excited to continue sharing our passion for chai. To learn more about Chai Bar, check out the Chai Bar by David Rio website and follow us on our social media handle @chaibarsf.

FeaturesCub Chai Super Concentrate
Cub Chai Super ConcentrateCub Chai Super Concentrate is the audacious extension of our Cub Chai line. Batch brewed by David Rio and designed with a full shrink recyclable label and bottle, this robust 1:5 super concentrate is craft brewed with care in Santa Cruz, California the birthplace of American chai- and tasted at every phase. Read More
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David Rio proudly services over 45 countries with our premium chai and tea products. If you are interested in importing, please email us or select your country to find more information. Visit our International page to find an importer near you.